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Criteria for appointment of accreditors

An accreditor is a person who makes a formal recommendation to the Institute for the award of the diploma.


The requirements for this role are that an accreditor:


Holds a diploma in Permaculture Design that is recognised by the Institute


Shows considerable expertise in the practice of Permaculture Design

At least 10 years' experience in carrying out Permaculture Design, at least 5 of these post-diploma

General recognition of experience by Institute members.


Shows knowledge and expertise of helping apprentices towards their diploma

At least 5 years' experience as a Design Support Tutor

Activity as an apprentice accreditor leading to detailed knowledge of accreditation standards

General recognition of other Design Support Tutors


Shows experience of accreditation

As an apprentice accreditor, has assisted with 10 or more recommendations leading to the award of the diploma. Of these, at least 5 are to be “final tutorials” and 5 to be “accreditation events” dealing with a suitable diversity of occasions and styles.


Satisfies the Institute

Recommended by two practising accreditors

Has the general acclaim of Institute members as a fit and proper person to be an accreditor.




Process and discretion


The Institute's accreditation group (the existing accreditors) will ratify the appointment of accreditors. This group is given the powers to modify and develop the above criteria and to promote or postpone appointment according to circumstances.




Version 1-4 Dec 2010