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The regions of North Britain

Angus Soutar's "pesonal view" of North Britain is meant to be just the start of a project to further our understanding of our home region. We welcome your comments, and also seek your contributions at a more local level.

We are not interested in drawing lines on maps, or judging other people's sense of their home, but give here merely some examples of the regions of North Britain at the next level of scale. Listed from west to north to east to south these are:


Lancashire and Cheshire
The Lake District
The Isle of Man
Galloway and south Ayrshire
The Atlantic coast to the north of Glasgow, including  the Western Isles
Inverness and the far north
Highland Perthshire
Morayshire, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Tayside
The Kingdom of Fife
The Central Belt
Lothians and Borders
Northumberland and Durham
The Yorkshire Dales
The East Riding,
South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
The Yorkshire "Woolen District"
The Peak District


If you want to contribute to this project, you may submit outlines and copy our editorial board. Contact them here to get more details, and to discuss yourcontribution.